Jerrol LeBaron Fools On The Hill Documentary – Official Trailer

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Fools On The Hill Documentary Update!

Linda, who works with me some internet stuff, put this pre-trailer together in advance of the real trailer for my documentary “Fools On The Hill”.

She called it a pre-trailer…..I guess that makes sense.

Not bad, but the wait for the real trailer is just about over, probably later today we’ll have it up and I’ll send out the link as soon as it is.
UPDATE! Here is the link to the official trailer. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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  1. Georgia Cuny says:

    This needs to go to everybody’s email list!

    This is what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about.

  2. New Documentary Makes Sense « CBS Minnesota says:

    […] here to see this documentary // // Share this No comments […]

  3. Uncleb Smith says:

    very interesting, im happy and excited to know it’s coming out to dvd.

    • Jerrol says:

      Hi Uncleb,

      Thank you for the nice words. We’re still working hard on this and, if you’d like to get a copy of the DVDE it is now available at

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for uploading this. I can’t wait to see it. Even mob boss John Gotti said he can’t cotepme with the ones who bring the drugs into this country. Whoever thinks the govm’t really cares about the well-being of the people need to wake up .and soon!

  4. Five says:

    Can’t wait for the sequel… Reptilians On The Hill!

  5. Everman says:


    RE getting Congress to read Bills: The key here would be LINE ITEM LEGISLATION.

    In other words, Bills would be ITEM specific and not loaded down with extraneous “Riders”. This would simplify and expedite the process and perhaps help curb deal making between legislators for special interests, (including their own). Bills would thus be voted on their merit without stealth legislation creep.

    John Everman

  6. Judy Swann says:

    Keep up the good work, Jerrol. We’re behind you all the way.

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